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An Unexpected Star is Shining

Covert Matters

How Latest Fads Hurt Public

Education and Everybody

By Harry M. Covert

Problems in public schools most of the time come from those who manage them, not the teachers most of whom are stymied by highly-paid administrators engrossed in political correctness.

If there is one bright star on the horizon for future high office, it is Prince Georges County, MD., County Executive Rushern Baker.

The county was in turmoil of corruption from the very top when he was elected. Confidently, Mr. Baker took command and grabbed the reins of government in what was previously seen as an ungovernable county.… Read More

Second Chances, the Right Thing to Do

Covert Matters

OAR’s ‘Life-Saving’ Efforts, Jobs for Ex-Offenders

By Harry M. Covert

Consider these facts:

One in 31 Americans is in prison or jail or on probation or parole.

Some 2,000 citizens have managed to find jobs in northern Virginia and this is a low seven percent increase over last year.

For offenders who serve their sentences and return to communities, life does not return to normalcy in the vast majority of cases. This is where Offender Aid and Restoration comes in. Since 1974 this non-profit organization has made a major difference in lives.

“It’s a tough road. Most of our clients simply have no one to turn to,” Dr.… Read More

Baseball, The Divine Game

Covert Matters Digest


Ready for Baseball and the Masters

By Harry M. Covert

I can’t resist. I’m glad spring has sprung even if somewhat still chilly and windy. How surprising it might be if forecasters could be accurate and another snow finds its way. Maybe some coming political battles could be cooled.

Can it get any better now? Baseball is under way and the Masters Golf tournament tees off this week.

For a decade I enjoyed umpiring college and high school games, including one Carolina League game in the 1980s. I replaced an ump who took ill after swallowing a wad of bubble gum laced with chewing tobacco.… Read More