The Happy Days of Easter Week

Covert Matters Digest

Bonnets, Church-going & Fashionable Dining


By Jim Lehman

Rev. Dr. Jim Lehman

Easter memories abound as I grew to an adult age. Surprisingly, tradition of the “Easter Bunny” continues into the last quarter of life’s game.

Child hood was a time for early impressions of Easter.  Mouthwatering dreams of munching into a leg or meaty part of Bunnies milk chocolate anatomy.

A nurturing of somewhat cannibalistic tendencies for chewy eggs too.

Dominant memory was that of fashion. Easter bonnet and all that placed a great emphasis upon Church-going and lunching at a fashionable dining site of the city

Mom and Dad of course always saw to it that at least new duds include knickers, a new shirt, or shoes in the austere days of World War II and after. Minimum was maybe only one item but an enhancement of self-esteem.

Easter time was always a time for reveling an advent of spring and warmer weather in that icy, snowy Minnesota. Years later those memories were restored with another Mommy and Daddy in my own family.

We observed our children, four little people, giggle at bunny antics and customs of the season.

My maturing path became more serious as I pondered the living Christ, crucifixion, resurrection. A promise of a new beginning. Yes, childhood bunny recollection blends with a fulfilled life of Blessings.

Rev. Dr. Jim Lehman enjoyed a successful broadcasting career as popular producer-host in Tidewater, Va. He entered Christian ministry as a Lutheran pastor. He has led churches served in hospital chaplaincy and counseling and works with senior citizens. A Minnesota native his professional career included extensive businesses. Despite a crippling paralyzing stroke in his 60s concentrated on  ministry and serves in active Senior Ministry in Gainesville, Fla.