Grandma Ruth’s Easter Bread Pudding

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Tasty Topping Off of High Holy Days

By Dimples Dinwiddie Prichard

Easter was special in my Virginia family because it was always at Grandma Ruth’s and Granddaddy’s house at Big Bethel, a government installation in Hampton that supplied all water going to all military installations on our Virginia Peninsula.

After church my family would get in the car, after packing play clothes for my sister and me.  We headed for the fresh air of the country atmosphere and the warmth and wonderfully delightful aromas of Grandma Ruth’s kitchen.

We always wore our Easter finery so we could bask in the nod and smile of approval from my grandfather and the dear hugs and genuine compliments of Grandma Ruth, working, of course in the kitchen to make a dinner worthy of praise that surpassed any that had come before this one.… Read More