The Happy Days of Easter Week

Covert Matters Digest

Bonnets, Church-going & Fashionable Dining


By Jim Lehman

Easter memories abound as I grew to an adult age. Surprisingly, tradition of the “Easter Bunny” continues into the last quarter of life’s game.

Child hood was a time for early impressions of Easter.  Mouthwatering dreams of munching into a leg or meaty part of Bunnies milk chocolate anatomy.

A nurturing of somewhat cannibalistic tendencies for chewy eggs too.

Dominant memory was that of fashion. Easter bonnet and all that placed a great emphasis upon Church-going and lunching at a fashionable dining site of the city

Mom and Dad of course always saw to it that at least new duds include knickers, a new shirt, or shoes in the austere days of World War II and after.… Read More