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(Exclusive to The Covert Letter)

Bethlehem Ephrata, Judea, Dec. 25.  – Events in the volatile Middle East took a dramatic turn yesterday. Thousands were near panic, demanding the government provide assurance they were in no danger from a spectacular comet. It appeared to hover above this West Bank town, southwest of Jerusalem.

The event muted recent turmoil in Egypt, Libya and Syria, where the comet also was visible.

Media attention also focused on a stable at a two-star hotel near midtown. A child born there last night has become an immediate sensation.

The child, born to newly arrived travelers, has attracted throngs as well as skeptical reports from the Hebrew leadership, who reject a notion that the child fulfils early prophecy.… Read More

Seeking Sugar Plums

By Norman M. Covert

The countdown is on ‘til Christmas Eve. Santa Claus is scheduled next week to bring toys and all manner of wondrous gifts to good little boys and girls in a “whishing” mission, borne in his reindeer-powered sleigh.

One wonders if this is fantasy.  However, I knew the pilot light of Christmas still flickered inside me when my 1948 Lionel Steam Locomotive finally got going under our tree Sunday night. I can spend hours watching it chug around the track.

We cherish the private hope that Santa Claus (nee, St. Nicholas, Father Christmas) can achieve his improbable task Monday night by spreading tidings of great joy and peace on earth from his sack of goodies.… Read More