The Hoax of Harvard

Fun and Games Among ‘Theologians’

By Harry M. Covert

It was exciting to read about the discovery of the Gospel of Jesus’ Wife. At last there is now a “Gospel According to Agnostics”. And, the thousands of misguided Christian believers can finally rejoice and take comfort knowing that Jesus wasn’t gay.

Therefore all attempts to disprove the Bible by academics, non-believing intellectuals and all-knowing literati can now be put to rest. Those in the Christian world need not go on a tangent to defend deeply held beliefs.

Of course society in the United States of America and other countries can stand together too, realizing that the Book of Common Prayer (1928 version), the Scofield King James Bible, the Revised Standard English Bible, the NIV, and others are true and correct when espousing  the wrong-ness and sinfulness of same sex marriage, homosexuality, lesbianism. .

Those folks who seem bent on destroying traditional Christian values in the Protestant Episcopal Church of the USA and the Church of England and some of the mainline churches can thank Dr. Karen King, a divinity professor at Harvard University, for bringing to light scraps of papyrus somehow that coulda woulda shouda prove that Jesus had a wife.

Naturally, the nation’s media couldn’t resist temptation to spread the good news of the alleged find. Of course it’s a silly story and the professors knew if would generate some news coverage. Publications in print,  online and everywhere didn’t prove that Christians are just ignorant but shows “you can fool some of the people some of the time and that’s enough.”

So what if Jesus did in have a wife?

Don Davidson, distinguished pastor of First Baptist Church, Alexandria, Va., a good writer and dynamic preacher, had a nice answer:

“It wouldn’t change anything about who He is and what He did. There’s nothing sinful about marriage. But Jesus had too much to do in too short a time to be distracted by a wife and kids”

It’s always interesting to read cockamamie “finds” non-believers like to tarnish Bible believers.  Usually the wordsmiths have fun at the expense of those who believe in school prayer, petitions before football games or grace over dinners. The U. S. Senate and House of Representatives each have chaplains who start every session with live prayers. Biblical verses are etched on many governmental buildings and monuments.

For years I kept a beautifully framed cross-stitched quote on my office wall. It read: “When all else fails, grab the problem by the throat. Hezekiah 1:1”. One day a journalist from The New Yorker magazine came by to talk. A month later, a fact-checker called to confirm that Hezekiah was a book from the Old Testament.

It is disheartening to read of constant attempts to strip the nation and denominations from Biblical injunctions. The idea of forcing public institutions from posting the Ten Commandments is despicable. Look at the condition of society in our cities and states.

The commandments say don’t steal, don’t kill. Other words from the Bible say love your neighbor, be kind one to another. What in Heaven’s name is wrong with those words.  So what if non-believers, agnostics and atheists don’t like it. Go to any jail or prison. It’s no difficult measure to see the widespread “violators” serving time and lots of it for their “sinful” ways.

There is no joy to see the Protestant Episcopal Church of the USA destroying itself from within with its blasphemy of homosexual bishops and clergy and the welcoming of same-sex marriages.

At least the Harvard theological professors can be complimented for proving that Jesus wasn’t homosexual.  That Jesus had a wife? Well, the Vatican has put the kibosh on that matter quickly last week calling such “discovery” as fake.  That’s F A K E!  An evanescent hoax.

Personally, with all respect, I think Jesus enjoyed dining on latkes, clam fritters, fish from the Sea of Galilee and Maryland crab soup and preferred a cute German Shepherd canine over pit bulls except when He chased the “money changers” out of the Temple.

Harry M. Covert writes from Frederick, Md. This article appeared previously in