A REVIEW: Jesus and Genesis, Validating Biblical Truth

“Did Jesus BELIEVE Genesis?”  By Charles L. Sanders, Ph.D; 311 pp. Holy Fire Publishing; P.O. Box 1886, DeLand, Florida 32721

Reviewed by Harry M. Covert

Charles L. Sanders, Ph.D

THIS IS AN ERA of nearly unprecedented chaos, confusion and unbelief of traditional Christian teachings and values. A remarkable book, “Did Jesus Believe Genesis?” brings clarity to the often raging debate between creationism and evolution and Christians, fervent non-believers, agnostics and atheists.

Teachings of the Bible regarding Divine creation of the universe and humanity are regularly dismissed as folly. Believers are routinely described as intellectually deficient and young people have become victims of a serious lack of biblical teachings in their homes, church and colleges/universities, both secular and Christian.

Book Jacket, "Did Jesus BELIEVE Genesis?"

Bible purists can point confidently to Isaiah’s words, “Woe unto them who call evil good and good evil.” Then to the Psalmist, who says, “The fool has said in his heart there is no God.”

Charles L. Sanders is a distinguished and respected Christian author-writer and scientist. He unequivocally says Jesus and the Divinely-inspired writers of the Bible did believe that Genesis is literally true.

His work “Did Jesus Believe Genesis?” is well-researched, annotated and an exciting book. It is clearly an important work, one that students headed for college or university, pastors, church workers and Christians as a whole should take the time to savor every word.

Christianity continues to be under constant attack. Believers are too often defensive in publicly acknowledging their understanding of Scripture extolling what Genesis affirms, “In the beginning God created the heaven and the earth.”

Dr. Sanders points out weaknesses among pastors and others who fail teaching their flocks basic tenets of the Bible. He clearly says there have been too many “modifications” of Biblical teaching. The intention of the book, and he proves it on every page, is to “counteract the falseness presented in the classroom of secular and Christian universities.”

“Creation was not a chaotic, disorderly event, but a fine-tuned process supporting intelligent life with a complexity and precision that defies human comprehension,” he writes convincingly.

And, in simple explanation, Dr. Sanders acknowledges, “The earth is a privileged planet.”

Curriculum deciders must include Dr. Sanders’ work. He is one scientist, Christian and educator who has validated Biblical truth. ©2012 Harry M. Covert

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[Editor’s Note: Charles L. Sanders has a doctorate in biophysics. He has served as a researcher and professor at Battelle Northwest Laboratories, Washington State University and Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology. He has been involved with a variety of Christian ministries for more than 40 years. He has taught biblical archaeology and apologetics at a Bible college in Oregon and Korea. He has published three books on cancer and radiobiology: “Radiation Hormesis and the Linear-No-Threshold Assumption” (2010); “Toxicological Aspects of Energy Production” (1986); “Ionizing Radiation: Tumorigenic and Tumoricidal Effects: (1983); and he continues to write for scientific and Christian projects. Dr. Sanders became a Christian in 1971. He and his wife have five children and 10 grandchildren. They reside in Loveland, Colorado.]

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Harry M. Covert writes from Frederick, MD. He is editor-at-large of www.thecovertletter.com and is a frequent contributor to www.virtueonline.org.