The Hoax of Harvard

Fun and Games Among ‘Theologians’

By Harry M. Covert

It was exciting to read about the discovery of the Gospel of Jesus’ Wife. At last there is now a “Gospel According to Agnostics”. And, the thousands of misguided Christian believers can finally rejoice and take comfort knowing that Jesus wasn’t gay.

Therefore all attempts to disprove the Bible by academics, non-believing intellectuals and all-knowing literati can now be put to rest. Those in the Christian world need not go on a tangent to defend deeply held beliefs.

Of course society in the United States of America and other countries can stand together too, realizing that the Book of Common Prayer (1928 version), the Scofield King James Bible, the Revised Standard English Bible, the NIV, and others are true and correct when espousing  the wrong-ness and sinfulness of same sex marriage, homosexuality, lesbianism.Read More