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Hope & Change, Last of the Ninth

By Norman M. Covert

You don’t have to go far from the bosom of Frederick, Maryland with its booming biomedical research and development industry to see what really is happening in America. A huge billboard looms above the highway near Washington, Pa., proclaiming, “OBAMA NO-JOBS ZONE.” It is a huge plea for help in that mostly coal mining region of America.

Not far from there, Interstate 70, from the Ohio border to Columbus, is an “Obama Jobs Zone.” Traffic crawls through the corridor linking Pennsylvania with Ohio, ignoring the depression of Wheeling, W. Va., also a former coal mining commerce center.… Read More

Burning Ears, Enough is Enough

Insulting Christians Seems Okay by Broadcasters

By Harry M. Covert

The other day driving just a few miles over the limit, I was listening to one of the sports radio stations. The experts were newspaper sportswriters turned sportscasters, who were prattling on the state of football and baseball.

Trying to be provocative, the boys debated the title chances for Baltimore’s Ravens and Orioles and Washington’s Nationals and Redskins.

The raggedy talk by the would-be clever airmen caused my car to bolt to 78 mph. My eyes glanced in the rearview mirror on Maryland’s I-270, the sign to Frederick read 10 miles and then nervously and thankfully I didn’t see any flashing blue lights.… Read More