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By Norman M. Covert

I’ve had a number of significant emotional experiences in my life. A couple at the hands of my dad, who had to make some course corrections; also the time I realized God is not the invention of a Jerusalem Public Relations firm. No less moving has been seeing soldiers headed out to war and returning from combat.

I’ve had the experience of saying goodbye to my family at the airport, lugging my duffel bag, wondering what would be in store when I reached my destination.

This past weekend I took part in a three-day convention in Easton of a veterans’ organization called The Society of the Forty and Eight, named for the French Box Cars, which were rated at a capacity of either 40 men or eight horses.… Read More

John Stott: A Blessed Remembrance

By Harry M. Covert

A year will have passed later this month marking the death of John R. W. Stott, the venerable rector of All Souls Church, Langham Place, London.

In every sense of the word, he was a true Man of God, top to bottom and devoted his entire personal and professional lives to Christian living, teaching, preaching and writing.

The life he lived was not lost on Queen Elizabeth II.  In January 2006 “Uncle John”, as he was affectionately called, was knighted as a Commander of the British Empire.

In this era when the Anglican Communion and The Episcopal Church in the United States are in chaos, confusion and unbelief in traditional Christian teachings, John Stott was steadfast as an evangelical Anglican.… Read More

CHAPLAIN MYRON: Unlocking his Ministry

By Harry Covert

Myron Contee was a pretty good basketball player. Back in the decade of the 70s, he was better than most and without doubt headed to a professional career.

Born and raised in Alexandria, Va., he honed his skills at T. C. Williams High School, where he graduated in 1974. His prowess wasn’t lost on collegiate scouts and coaches and he wound up at George Mason University (GMU) in Fairfax.

Myron could shoot well and play defense. His defensive play was dominant and when the Patriots were on the court, opponents were diligent knowing he could block and rebound with the best in the nation.… Read More

JULY FOURTH: What a Day!

By Norman M. Covert

FREDERICK, Md.—Today is Independence Day, a time for glorious celebration and bombs bursting in air! We mark 236 years of freedom which requires us to protect and defend the remarkable Declaration of Independence that rebuked British tyranny.

The past year’s so-called “Arab Spring,” which virtually trades one despot for another, bears little resemblance to the resolve of our founding fathers at Philadelphia assembled.

July Fourth also marks the deaths of three former presidents and founding fathers: John Adams, second president, and Thomas Jefferson, third president and author of the Declaration of Independence, both died in 1826. James Monroe, fifth president, succumbed in 1831.… Read More