Recently, it was brought to my attention that Elizabeth Lloyd of Manchester, N.J., is suing a 13 year old little league catcher.  If you have not been following the story, Mrs. Lloyd was sitting near the bullpen and saw Matthew Migliaccio miss his pitcher on the return throw. It struck her in the face; two years ago; when he was eleven. 

So at what point did the suit become okay?  The American judicial system gives us the right to sue anyone for any reason, and to let a judge and jury sort it out.  How much money will Mr. And Mrs. Migliaccio have to dispense in defense of their little Yogi Berra to prevent such a miscarriage of justice?  Unfortunately, the ancient idea of responsibility for oneself seems to be replaced with dollar signs.

Cue and their top ten frivolous lawsuits.  Number one on the list is Ms. Stella Liebeck of New Mexico, who received almost $600,000 because she spilled coffee in her lap. Across the pond, mentions Cathy McGowan of Derby, England.  The 26-year-old retail manager sued a radio station – and won £8,000 – because a comedic DJ told her she had won a car, but never said it was a toy.

The precedent has been set and the Migliaccios have reason to worry.  I am disgusted that, for fear of legal repercussions, parents may pull their kids from teams; as a result teams or leagues may fold.  Here is an American childhood tradition being corrupted by a vile excuse for a human being, and lawyers, too!  This to follow Halloween and trick or treating, I guess. 

Our forefathers brought forth a more perfect union 236 years ago, and did it without suing one person, entity, or 13-year-old.  I can imagine this is not what the founders had in mind.  If John Adams could attend a session of Congress, or a judicial review, I am sure nausea would be involved.  The childish behavior displayed by my fellow American is disturbing.  A complete lack of self-respect, expecting everyone around them to take responsibility, be it through, for example, these types of legal actions, social welfare abuse, or 911 abuse.

I never like to be one to complain and not provide a solution, so here it is: Elizabeth Lloyd and her husband should be defendants in a harassment suit, banned from all further little league activities, and sent back to kindergarten, so they can learn how to “play well with others.”—©2012 Patrick M. Covert

Patrick Covert writes from Buffalo, N.Y. You may contact him at