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Drones, Spitters & Flogging Rooms

By Harry M. Covert

We can’t let National Police Week pass without honoring the participants.

This commemoration and celebration drew thousands of policemen/women, sheriff’s deputies, Border Patrol, Secret Service, Marshals and all types of the law enforcement officers and their families to greater Washington.

Honors were for all those who gave their lives in the performance of their sworn duties to protect the public.

I’ve always thought there ought to be code sections in state criminal law that would just be filed as dumb or stupid. These are the types of violations that cause law enforcement the most trouble.

It’s a good thing, too, that use of drones (remote controlled planes and cameras) are being considered for law enforcement.… Read More


 By Harry M. Covert

I began traveling the world as a boy; how fortunate I was. My trips took me to London, Paris, Moscow, Berlin and the Asian Pacific islands. I met those “figures” of history: Churchill, Hitler, Stalin and FDR.

What a time I had. I enjoyed my first airplane flight; we were “up-in-the air” for a week, circling the Chesapeake Bay, learning about re-fueling a twin-engined Douglas DC-3.

Those youthful trips, no matter the historical context, didn’t eclipse the opportunity to meet baseball heroes Babe Ruth, Lou Gehrig, baseball’s famous or infamous commissioner Judge Kennesaw Mountain Landis, who straightened out the nation’s pastime, and many others of that bygone era.… Read More



If a house divided cannot stand, why do Americans choose to partition themselves?  Shared experience can unite people of different cultures and is part of what helped this “melting pot” of a nation survive all these years.  So how are we doing it?

Growing up near a military post in a growing suburban area, I was exposed to people of different ethnic and cultural backgrounds.  My school and church environments showed me that we were all Americans and children of God despite the diversity in the area. 

After moving to Buffalo, I was struck by how Western New York residents celebrate diversity. … Read More

EDUCATION: New Doesn’t Mean Better


(FREDERICK, Md.)—I returned this week from a wonderful reunion with my high school class of 1961 in Newport News, Va.  A common theme was the quality and integrity of teachers and administrators in our school system, which handed us diplomas having value. We were ready for work or college!

Consider that many students attempting to enter Frederick (Md.) Community College must take remedial English and math classes just to start their quest for a bachelor of arts/science degree.  This prompts the question: What has happened to education here?

Several weeks ago local teachers began protesting rejection of a significant pay raise in the 2013 county budget  by “working to contract.”… Read More



(Buffalo, N.Y.)–I am a member of the “Internet Generation” so it probably comes as no surprise that I use internet resources for everything from news to shopping, education and entertainment.

I was there when “AOL-speak” took root in the youth of America. I faintly recall a time before “lolz” and “omg” “pwned” us all (for an explanation ask someone mid-twenties and younger.)

Many conversations with my coworker Dave start with, “Since when did THIS language become acceptable?”

Typically our next action is to peruse® or® to find the answer. Usually entries have listings for its proper usage, or proper spelling, with a side note concerning “slang” or “common usage.”… Read More

JESUS PART III: D.A.R. Tongues Afire!

The Covert Letter is republishing the commentary, “Jesus Part II: D.A.R. Tongues Afire,” as published May 3, 2012, regarding the Daughters of the American Revolution’s revision of official documents, including the chaplains’ Missal. A story this morning by Reporter Todd Starnes on Foxnews spelled out the changes which are now set in stone with the organization headquartered in Washington, D. C.

The name of Jesus has been removed from all literature including poems, songs and other historical writings once referenced in the literature, according to Mr. Starnes. He said the patriotic hymn, “American The Beautiful,” also has been removed because of its reference to God.Read More