For you, no yellow ribbons,

Poignant image of "The Wall," Vietnam War Memorial in Washington, D. C.

No parades, no “Welcome home!”

Just the nightmare hell of combat,

An early death, and walls of stone.

     No band was waiting for you;

No grateful prayers were said.

The men who sent you over there

Scarcely knew that you were dead.

      But the men you gave your lives for

Have not let you rest alone.

Their love has brought you back to us

Upon these walls of stone.

"The Wall" draws thousands of family members, comrades to touch one of the 58,195 names engraved in the granite. HM3 Allen Groshong is at Panel 48E-Line 52.

      I come today to be with you,

Mindless of the tears that fall

As I stand and touch name after name

Engraved here on this wall.

      For, most who come to visit you

Leave shedding silent tears.

These walls have brought your honor back

Across the empty years.

      Sleep gently through eternity

‘Till the final trumpet calls,

Knowing that you will live through history

Upon these sacred walls.-©2012 Sarah Groshong

 #  #  #

Sarah Groshong writes from Eastville, Va., in memory of her brother Hospitalman 3C Allen Groshong, who was killed in action April 8, 1968 on Hill 504, Quang Tri Province, Khe Sanh, South Vietnam.