By Sarah Groshong

                                      The Wall

     I was surprised that it was not larger,

This walkway along "The Wall" provides access to see the 58195 names engraved on the black granite.

For it did not seem to convey the enormity of your sacrifice.

     Its simple beauty moved me, though,

And I thought how fitting it was that its clean lines and unpretentious elegance

Should serve as a memorial for young lives so freely given –

     And so quickly gone.

      Like so many before me and so many yet to come,

I went there for myself –

      Seeking an answer to an eternal question.

I found a nation face-to-face with its own soul.

(In memory of Allen Groshong: Panel 48-E, line 52)

      The world is a colder and darker place without you, little brother; but your light still shines, for you will live in my heart forever.

Sarah Groshong, August 1988

The author is a retired educator and writes from Eastville, Va.