(FREDERICK, Md.) — We love compliments, but perhaps the most succinct to arrive this past year came from David Virtue, D.D., who maintains a first-class blog. David wrote in response to an article: “In’Covert’ible!”

Thank you, sir!

Norman M. Covert

When elder brother Harry Covert bequeathed responsibility to me for publishing The Covert Letter™  in late January 2011, we wanted to assure his devoted readers there was no cause for alarm. Harry didn’t go anywhere; he is next door. He remains editor emeritus and you will see more of his writing soon.

We have tried a number of “tweaks” accomplished by our tireless techie Leia of Power Studio. You have noted your appreciation for the photos and art accompanying each article. We believe it helps tell the story and enhances the presentation. We seek to make it an easy site to navigate and hope we are making progress on your behalf.

Reader comments and emails tell me you like the opportunity to read from guest columnists and those we have introduced as Editors at Large. Tom McLaughlin was retired as a high school teacher and lives in Borneo, where he served with the Peace Corps 40 years ago. You also met another retired/still active educator and math team coach Nick Diaz. He dug into his pre-teen past to write a thoughtful series on Cuban refugees. He promises to do more when not enjoying the weather from the seat of his motorcycle.

Harry Covert

More recently you had the chance to read back-to-back commentaries by my son Patrick Covert, who gives you his contemporary view of life in These United States. There is more to come from Patrick, who lives with his family in Buffalo, N.Y.

I was also pleased last year to publish two commentaries by cousin Juanita (Gaines) Ellis, who writes from Williamsburg, Va. She provided insight into the divided city of Jerusalem; Israeli challenges sharing the Holy Land with neighboring Palestinians; and looming threats from Egypt, Syria and Lebanon as a result of the so-called “Arab Spring.”  

My commentaries have explored serious and light topics. You found me pondering the Afghan War and the danger facing our fighting men and women in Southwest Asia. I also appeared as the foreign correspondant filing reports in the popular “Jerusalem Dispatches” series during Holy Week. I took a few chances writing about personal topics like “Seymour” the prolific Pumpkin plant (it has babies now); then found myself opining about regional and national politics and historical milestones.

The Covert Brothers started on such a contraption, learning 'asdf jkl;' and graduated to 'etaoin shrdlu' and 'wysiwyg.'

A colleague once remarked that a columnist never lacks subject matter. Correct. We want it to be factual, readable and informational. Our goal continues to be adding to the quality of your life with thoughtful and lively writing.

We welcome our new subscribers and thank our old “friends,” all of whom we hope will continue to read and provide feedback.

Our goal is to have you find us “In’Covert’ible!” again this year.—©2012 Norman M. Covert

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You may contact Norman Covert at nmcovert@thecovertletter.com. He and Harry also appear at www.thetentacle.com each week.

Visit David Virtue’s blog  www.virtueonline.com.