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JERUSALEM (Special to The Covert Letter) — Turmoil in the Middle East continued yesterday when huge crowds jammed the entrance to this ancient city. The main highway to the huge security gate was temporarily blocked by the impromptu procession that escorted a break-away rabbi and his personal “rock star” entourage into the city.

No life threatening injuries were reported among the crowd.

Crowds waving Palm fronds as Jesus of Nazareth enters Jerusalem. (Black Hawk Lantern Images)

Sources identify the man as Jesus of Nazareth, who had traveled by foot from Jericho to observe the Jewish Feast of Passover. They say he looked at the huge crowd, asked to ride a small donkey and forged ahead, acknowledging the palm fronds waving in his honor.

There has been no indication that the Roman military government is a target of the crowd’s demonstrations. Soldiers said the crowd, despite its size, was well behaved, clamoring to see this new religious icon. No crowd size was estimated by the military police commander, who said it moved rapidly and caused only minor disruption to the normal flow of traffic.

A public affairs spokesman from the office of the military protectorate said, “We have raised the alert status a notch, but our troops are on a normal duty posture.

“When there is this much of a demonstration we must be ready,” he said. ” We activated a unit trained to assess public domain threats, but we do not expect them to do anything other than monitor events.”

The spokesman confirmed that military intelligence reports Jesus directed his followers to respect the government of Emperor Caesar Augustus in Judea.

The United Nations Security Council said it has no plans to discuss the incident. However, the Human Rights Council indicated it will look into charges that innocent Arab bystanders may have suffered discrimination and ridicule by overzealous factions in the “mob.”

Sources report that Jesus was trained as a carpenter in Nazareth, but became a preaching sensation as a young man, attracting huge crowds in Galilee and Samaria.

Later in the day, Jesus was escorted to the Temple in a gesture intended to honor the upcoming Feast of Passover. However, shortly after his arrival, Jesus reportedly scattered merchandise, money and tables while proclaiming the synagogue was “his house and it should be a house of prayer,” not a big box store in the mall, a staffer added.

No charges were preferred after Jesus and his 12 aides departed. An unnamed source close to the Jewish council said plans have been discussed to involve the Roman government in prosecution “for cause” and that charges of heresy are possible.

A spokesman for the Chief Rabbi said the council is appalled that Jesus created the disturbance. Vendors have been selling a variety of religious implements and icons, advertising their “Passover Sales Bonanza.”

“It was our decision to allow the vendors in to sell their products, which are intended to enhance the families’ Passover Seder. Jesus has no standing in Temple business matters.”

Jewish leaders later discounted reports that Jesus had attended to several sick persons. They rejected reports that he cured blindness with a touch of his hand. Attempts to contact the former blind man were unsuccessful.

Other news dispatches indicate Jesus has attracted crowds in the thousands throughout the region and witnesses say he even walked on the Sea of Galilee during a violent storm. Reports that he is a living deity are included in dispatches from other areas, where rabid followers proclaim him the son of God.–©2012 Norman M. Covert

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