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 The locker room echoed with praise for former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney and it was almost with disdain that my friend and former colleague spat out the name of former Speaker of the House Newton Gingrich. How quickly the lockers slammed, the room emptied and showers came on.

“We have a group, ‘Vets for Mitt Romney,’ that is having a meeting … and we’d like to have you there,” he said.

The event, I thought, might provide local information on the Romney campaign for these opinion pieces. It was noted in my best Dale Carnegie® fashion that there still is a long way to go until the November election.… Read More

CUBAN PRIDE & PREJUDICE: ‘To Tell the Truth….’

By Nick Diaz

I mentioned in Tuesday’s edition of this discourse how a good number of natural-born Americans are unaware of the nationality-based differences among “Hispanics.” In addition, many well-meaning Americans have little or no idea what events have been taking place in Cuba and the rest of Latin America in the past 50 years.

 All of this, however, is a minor irritation when compared to the painful torture that comes when those of us who are Cuban exiles meet Americans, Canadians, Australians and Europeans who admire the Castro brothers and their so-called Revolution. They lecture us about the achievements of that murderous, soul-crushing regime from which we fled.… Read More

CUBA: Political & Human Nightmare

(Editor’s Note: This is second of a three-part series recounting the heavy price paid by families as a result of Fidel Castro’s successful guerrilla war on the Caribbean Island of Cuba. With the fall of Dictator Fulgencio Batista, Castro and his revolutionary army entered Havana in victory, Jan. 8, 1959.)

By Nick Diaz

THE 50TH ANNIVERSARY of my arrival on these American shores compelled me to relate some stories of my half-century as an exile of Fidel Castro’s Cuba. My growing nostalgia has brought many personal, family, and political experiences to the surface.

My mother, Idania Diaz, and I arrived in November, 1960, which was Presidential Election Day in America – John F.… Read More


(Editor’s Note: This is the first of a series recounting the heavy price paid by families as a result of Fidel Castro’s successful revolution on the Caribbean island of Cuba. Today, Jan. 8, 2012, is the 53rd anniversary of Castro and his revolutionaries entering Havana in victory.)

By Nick Diaz

JANUARY 1, 1959. On this date, at 2 A.M., Cuban Dictator Fulgencio Batista boarded a plane that took him, his family, and close associates from his palace in Havana,  to Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic.

This left the door open for Guerilla leader Fidel Castro to take over power a week later in the island nation where I was born and raised.… Read More



This is the happiest holiday of the year for me. Lots of good things are happening, including my venture into retirement from the Alexandria Sheriff’s Department and prognosis of good health.  In the spirit of the holiday and such happy prospects, I didn’t want to neglect recognition of three of the finest Alexandrians I know.

For 25 years, Michael David Lieberman has been my primary doctor.  He’s kept me healthy and has always been ahead of the curve when advising me on how to stay fit and live a long time.  He recently informed me there is no reason I couldn’t have another quarter-century or more of productive and happy life. … Read More



 Looking back on events of 2011 is a notion that Leroy (Satchell) Paige said we should avoid. Chances are, he said, “the Devil may be gaining on you!” The late, great professional baseball pitcher knew from which he spoke. I, therefore, am forging into 2012 with optimism.

A retrospective does give pause that something good can happen with me and mine – and you and yours – these next 12 months. 

With my medical fixes and new devices, you might compare me to my 1996 Saturn. This year it received a new water pump, battery and serpentine belt and nails were removed from two tires.… Read More