Welcome Back

The Covert Letter has a new look today, but we hope the changes do not alter your comfort zone navigating the site. We trust you, as a long-time friend and supporter, will keep your friendship with us.

Norman Covert

It is a challenge and privilege to assume the role of senior editor/publisher as brother Harry Covert steps back into the role of editor at large. Harry will offer occasional commentary in the style to which you’ve become accustomed under the byline H. M. Covert. You may also read occasional articles from other contributors.

When I joined The Covert Letter as a regular in January we provided background on the years of my collaboration, both personal and professional, with Harry. We are still in tandem.

Harry Covert

The Covert Letter requires gathering, digesting, writing and distributing news and information to you, which represents primarily a technology leap for me. It’s the “how” of getting it to you that has changed. Ms. Leia Clark of Digital Power Studio continues to guide us through the cyber world with our sincere gratitude.

In 1961 I maintained the AP/UPI teletypes in the Newport News (Va.) Daily Press city room. I was a copy boy hopeful of a byline. The news clacked across the continuous feed paper with corrections, updates and “new lede(s)” from news centers worldwide. I still love the immediacy of the teletype and the mysterious senders back up the line telling of historic events, which we now witness by satellite television feed.

This electronic medium pops The Covert Letter’s latest edition on your incoming message screen. You have the option to accept or reject any or all. We believe you will always be able to trust our content and intent. We hope you will continue to subscribe and encourage others to join our family of readers. If you feel led to write a commentary, let me know. We value your opinion.

I expect to continue writing about a variety of subjects that will be of interest to you. I cannot predict what will turn up next from my keyboard, but don’t be surprised as I jump from politics to Boy Scout campfire humor.

Feedback, of course, is the source of learning what you want to see in The Covert Letter. We want to be of value to you; to entertain, enlighten and stimulate with the words and pictures we’ll send your way. Thanks for being here. –Norman Covert