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A Toast to ‘Mr. Boh’

By Norman M. Covert

“Mr. Boh,” ubiquitous image of Baltimore’s former National Brewing Co., helped me introduce my recent commentary on union power in Maryland. It was entitled “Froth off the Mug: No Beer Summit By ‘Mr. Boh.’”

I was informed that “Mr. Boh” still has a huge fan base! I doubled back in research and verified the reverence for Brewers Hill and Baltimore’s jealous ownership of the National Bohemian brand.

Brewers Hill is a ghost town of empty buildings which once contained huge vats for culturing the secret ingredients brought from the “Old Country.” It was home of the National Brewing Co.… Read More

‘Peacenik’ in My Time: Why Now?


Not even a priest could tell me if I”ve committed a mortal sin in recent days. If you’ll keep confidence here in the confessional, I will admit having had impure thoughts about the rebel uprising in Libya.

Apparently I’ve morphed into a “Peacenik” because it strikes me that getting involved in Libya’s internal struggles is probably a less-than-wise projection of United States power and influence. 

I may seek counseling for this personal political revelation. It may outlast the shaky coalition unloading ordnance at Moammar Gadhafi’s home and his Soviet-era equipped Army and Air Forces. It’s a no-fly zone, I know, but who are these rebels?… Read More

Froth off mug: No ‘Beer Summit’ by Mr. Boh

By Norman M. Covert

Mr. Boh” gave Maryland a pretty good beer and the moniker, “The Land of Pleasant Living.” It was official brew at Memorial Stadium on 33rd Street where Baltimore had the Colts and the blue collar Orioles. “Charm City” also had Bethlehem Steel, the B&O and seafood dives that gave the inner harbor character.                             

 It is still pronounced: (ˈbɒltɨmɔr/, colloquially /ˈbɒlmɔr/), but the beer, city and state have changed, Hon.

 The Colts moved away, Coors is served at Oriole Park at Camden Yards, “Natty Boh” now comes from North Carolina, and unions still don’t get it! The Golden Goose has gone south.… Read More

Caution for Subscribers

We have experienced a rash of bogus and inappropriate input on the comments page within the past two weeks. Our site manager is working to eliminate these hackers and protect you as a subscriber. Be assured that we never ask for personal information. Please forward any questions or concerns to:;   or .… Read More

Gut feeling: Radical Islam and crude oil ready to rumble

By Norman M. Covert

It isn’t love. This “rumbly in my tumbly” can probably be attributed to gas. Not that kind, Bubba, it’s the stuff Jed Clampett found while shooting at some food. The voice-over called it “bubbling crude … black gold.” 

I have a sense that another great gas shortage is coming. You may remember 1973 with its “No Gas” signs and queues of cars waiting interminable periods on “odd and even” days to pump the life giving liquid into our cars. 

This time, however, the gas shortage won’t be because President Richard M. Nixon chose to resupply the victorious Children of Israel in that year’s epic Yom Kippur War.… Read More

Failing to Read Tea Leaves, Maryland Touts Gay Marriage, Marijuana, Gun Control

By Norman M. Covert

Folks are bitter and I’m one of the restless citizens.  We keep clinging to our guns and our religion plus “antipathy to people who aren’t like (us)…” to paraphrase former candidate Barack Hussein Obama. That’s just the way we are and with good reason, Maryland’s leadership forgot to read the November tea leaves.

The state is deeply in debt and the legislature trots out bills for new taxes, marijuana, free love and more gun control. New Jersey and Wisconsin governors have shown us how to begin to solve our crises and cross the Red Sea in the manner of the Children of Israel, but we are stuck here with our collective heads in the sand.… Read More