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Stripes & Stars with Joe Hollywood

By Norman M. Covert

 A business news item out of Philadelphia caught my eye recently, bringing to mind an assignment that took me to Hollywood in 1976. A soldier named Joseph Molina was “on point” as we dove into the world of established stars like Bob Hope and Monty Hall and the whirling dervish of Rock music culture.

Here we are, 35 years later.  National automotive parts and service

Joe Molina & Pep Boys

company Pep Boys announces it selected JMPR Public Relations, Inc. of Woodland Hills, Calif., as its agency of record. The company got its name from the founder, this same Joseph Molina.… Read More

Roy Redux … and the days were fun

By Norman M. Covert  

(Editor’s Note: We offer a “two-fer” with this article written in answer to readers’ questions about the Roy Rogers Riders Club. The original article is included herein. We welcome your further comments.) 

My commentary Wednesday, Jan. 26, 2011, on guns and children at included recollections of my dazzling Roy Rogers cowboy outfit and double pistol rig, plus the excitement of the Roy Rogers Riders Club. It sparked a request to recall the rules for young people to live by and printed on the back of the club membership card.

 Here they are: 

Be neat and clean.Read More