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Rony Wise’s Incredible Effort

(This story first appeared July 19, 2010 in and is reprinted here with permission.)

Rony Wise ran 600 miles and lifted four million pounds

to raise money for Haiti relief. (Photo: Alex Hampl)

By Alex Hampl

Rony Wise has lifted the equivalent of ten blue whales. He has run 600 miles, round trip from Washington to New York with a jaunt to Philadelphia thrown in for good measure. Over six months, Wise ran and lifted weights every day to raise funds for Ripples of Hope, an organization that provides financial aid to schools in Haiti.

It all started with the dirt cookies.… Read More

Feeding the Multitudes in Haiti

Here’s the latest report on our Haiti project in general and the rebuilding of Good Samaritan School particularly.  Our team in Port-au-Prince and Cité Soleil has been working steadily, despite rains and all sorts of inconveniences. Like I’ve heard many times, if it were easy everybody would do it.

First, you have my deepest appreciation and gratitude for all of the financial support given by readers of The Covert Letter. Through contributions from you, we have resumed feeding of more than 252 destitute and hungry children in the school compound and we’ve managed to start the rebuilding of the school and facilities. … Read More